In the mindset of Wikipedia, the history tabs and context that has history involved, there is always research done for each of the pages and the content to make sure that it can be backed up. Anytime that you add something to Wikipedia, you need to have sources so that if someone else wants to add some stuff to that page. The pages themselves are well organized and well thought of for what the content that they wanted to put on the page and the research that they want to put on the page itself as well with certain tags along with knowing what is going on with the different number of menus.

With the Creative Commons License, it’s like having someone give other people the right to share, use, and build what the author has created to further the research for the project itself. With our site, I think that there could be more research done, but we are focusing more on the primary sources of a civil war soldier. I think that copyright purposes would apply to the letters that we are looking at to create the site itself. We need to make sure that someone doesn’t take the information that we researched for our project.