Now that we know the plan for uploading the letters on our Omeka site, it should be pretty straight forward for making sure that all the letters have the same kind of details so that they are used properly on the site. I am glad that we were able to get that done so that we’re not trying to figure it out and we can start making changes to the site within the next couple of weeks after the uploading process is done. With how many people are waiting for us to make this site, I am nervous about meeting this idea of ‘standards’ that these people are expecting from us. I know that we’ll make an amazing site in my group’s eyes, but I am worried about the issues that have been going on with the virus that we will run into some more issues with trying to get our site done. I just hope going forward that we can get everything done that we want to get done and make this amazing site that I know that can be created despite the situation that is happening to all of us in this class.