With how the map one is set up on the Histories of the National Mall site, it is very organized and allows for very easy access to what each point on the map is depending on the area where it is located in the National Mall. Each of the bulletins on the map also has a little bit more information on each of the points which allows for easy access to the information about the items that are being displayed on the map. I like how it is organized and the ease of use for it.

With the Past Events tab on the Histories of the National Mall page, it allows you to pick the period that you want to go to and depending on which period you pick from, there are different letters, pictures, etc. that are included with it. Each of the pieces all has there own tags and little descriptions that are included as well to kind of get the reader thinking about looking over these different events that they have on file for the site. Thus making the organization of the site very clean and has a great way for people to look over it to find exactly what they are looking for. The ease of use makes it fun and almost interactive to be able to see the events that happened.

“Histories of the National Mall | Events.” Accessed January 20, 2020. http://mallhistory.org/items/browse/type/event.

“Histories of the National Mall.” Accessed January 20, 2020. http://mallhistory.org/map.