The first digital project that I looked at was the Civil War on the Western Border looked like a very organized site that has different tabs for each of the important items that they wanted to talk about with this digital project. How it is organized is actually very good looking and each of the documents and how the map and timeline are organized as well make this page look very impressive for the tools that were used for this project. It also is pretty amazing that it has earned four major historical awards as well which is making the site even more impressive as well.

With the Valley of the Shadow site, it did look very cool and interesting but how it is laid out has a very interesting feel to it. I am not the biggest fan of how this is laid out though because of the different “towers” that are used for each of the eras that they were wanting to use in this project. The data that is on the site, however, is really good though.

The Gilded Age Plains City site was very well organized with the information the map, resources and they have an about the project tab for why and how they did this project. They also have a tab for comments to make the site better. How the map is laid out is really impressive though along with the attention to detail that they also wanted to include in the site as well.

The Journal of American History site has a very good way of just going over the information that is needed for the topic that is being discussed with the article that they are going over. The Site itself though is very organized and shows the information that is needed to be able to use it during a paper or project in general. With the U.S. Army and “the Problem of Race” article, it was very informative with the number of resources that were used for the site itself. I do like how organized it is and the way that the paragraphs flow altogether.

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