I think that the process of making this site had some ups and downs, especially considering the COVID-19 outbreak that started in the beginning of March, this project was a lot of fun to work on with my group. I enjoyed the process of being able to scan the letters and learn about a man that was in the Civil War and see part of his life. With the contract, we thought of dividing up the work between the four of us and helping each other out if things got hard or difficult on us. One of the only things that we were not able to do that is kind of a downer was finish the scans all the way through. If I could have one thing about this project, I would want to be able to finish the scans at the very least. I do believe that how we divided up the project and the plan that we had was smart considering that we wanted to have a Timeline and a Storymap included in this project, but I think that overall, the ideas that we had with the contract and how they were executed were exactly what everyone was hoping for to get out of this project itself. The scans turned out beautifully and the Storymap and Timeline need some editing, however, they turned out great and helped the website with the idea of giving the public ideas to be able to see the letters. Displaying the letters themselves was interesting because I would of preferred if we could of embedded them, but they were perfectly fine on the site how they were.  I am hoping to do something like this in the future and maybe make a career out of it because it involves both of the things that I am going after in school with my major being History and my minor being Computer Science.