Looking at some of the digital websites for creating a digital identity there are a few things that I noticed from just overall glancing over and thinking about what I would do, definitely has to follow this sort of pattern. One is that if you are creating this digital identity, you are going to need to be very formal about your approach in the whole process of making a ‘site.’ The next thing that I noticed is that you’re going to want to show what you have done whether it’s in college, or after college, or whenever you feel like creating a digital footprint. You kind of want to make sure that you explain what you’re doing on the site as well and what you are planning on doing within the next couple of months/years etc. Make sure that you organize the site itself with making separate categories/pages/posts/etc. to help with giving yourself a formal looking site/digital identity. Finally, you want to put some of your works on the page as well to display what you have done, like if you wrote a book, senior thesis, among other things that you could put on the site to really ‘put yourself out there’ logic.