For my first project in this class, we had to colorize a photography pre-1890. The picture that I choose was a picture of Gen. J.M. Corse who was a Union Soldier during the Civil War. With the original black and white photography, it was hard to tell what the hair color would be on him as well as the eye color. Through process of elimination was to go with a brown color for him and looking up the certain types of coats for Union Soldiers, based on the original image it looked like he was wearing a Union soldier uniform, I went with a blue to keep to the time period. With the automatic colorized photo, however, it came to my surprise that it gave him a red coat instead which surprised me, but it was an automatic colorizer so there really is not much of a choice in the matter with that and generally keeping to the color scheme I left the background the same and got rid of the numbers on the side of it (felt more photogenic to get rid of the numbers for a more modernized look to them). Overall though, I enjoyed working on this project, it was really fun to learn how to use Pixlr and be able to utilize this possibly later down the road for future endeavors.

Original Photography
Auto-colorized Photograph
Pixlr Edited Photograph

Gen. J.M. Corse. United States, None. [Between 1860 and 1870] Photograph.