The previous class assignments that have been a part of this class that interests me at the moment would be the Live Tweeting Past Historic Events because that could modernize obviously a historic event that occurred where it could be used as a learning experience with it. Allowing us to learn a better way of using Twitter or something like that.

The other assignment that I liked was the Propaganda Campaign for a false dictator, I think that would be interesting to look at because you could also modernize that in a way of doing different things for the campaign itself. Definitely giving us experience in doing stuff like this to be able to take some stuff from this class for future endeavors.

One of the ideas that we have talked about would be doing something with the wall in the HCC that could be displayed, something like a collage of what we have learned or a timeline of the semester with what we have talked about or just some of the assignments that we have worked on could be used in sort of a combination to create this big assignment at the end, not really graded but for completion and we all work on it together as a class. Doing a class assignment like that would make it more memorable for me and being able to remember what I have learned in this class for the foreseeable future.

Here is the link to a timeline that I worked on with the Jerome Peirce Letters: