Screenshot of the Facebook profile page for History 427.

With our next project in History 427, we are creating a “imposter” Facebook Profile for a person of our choosing, so being the gamer that I am I thought why not use someone that is considered the “Grandfather of Video Games,” William Higinbotham.

The link for the page itself is

When I started working on this project there was research that needed to be done for who this person was. William Higinbotham was not the person that you would think is the creator of the first video game, but he was when he was working at Brookhaven National Laboratory when he created a computer game called Tennis for Two for the laboratory’s annual exposition. Now this game was a simulator on an oscilloscope, and is considered to be the first video game. William did do some modifications a year later for the 1959 exposition which included allowing the gravity level to be changed so the players of the game could play on Jupiter and the Moon.

Little snippet of how Tennis for Two worked.

I have been playing video games for a long time and to be able to see one of the first ones that was created. Seeing as how much they have changed through the years, this is definitely cool to see.

With the idea of creating a profile, I did have to use a new email and might as well have created a second more, how to say, ‘profession’ email for school and/or work stuff so why not?

With William Higinbotham not being alive at the moment, it was actually not an issue with being able to use his actually name and surprisingly his date of birth I could use for this occasion. Another fun project in this History of Information Age at the University of Mary Washington. Definitely having fun being able to learn from others in the class as well as being able to research on my own when it comes to seeing what we are talking about throughout the week.

Links for research/video: