With an assignment like this, I was thinking that it would be fun to try and put myself in the shoes of someone depending on when and who I was going to pick for this assignment. I liked the idea of doing something with the Attack on Pearl Harbor because it really was one of the most influential reasons as to why the US got into World War II, so in my head I was thinking that what could I do for this assignment and who could I use. Started out by just looking at people that were involved with this, which is a lot, but one story that I stumbled upon that I do remember hearing about was the Doris Miller Story. Doris Miller was a Mess Attendant Second Class on the USS West Virginia during the Attack on Pearl Harbor. He was on that ship when the first bombs were being used against the Americans at Pearl Harbor and was one of the gunners that was shooting down Japanese planes that were attacking the Harbor itself. He used a .50 Caliber Anti-Aircraft Machine Gun until he was forced to abandon ship so I thought why not use one of the soldiers that got a Navy Cross. Overall though I had a blast working on this assignment and be able to learn about someone that got a Navy Cross, got a dining hall, a barracks, and a destroyer escort named after him. The USS Miller is the 3rd Naval Ship to be named after a black navy man. I really enjoyed this project and I hope that my fellow classmates enjoyed working on it as well. The images will be posted on the previous post to this one, but here is my reflection on the project.