History 297

I am currently in a History 297 course right now and here are Papers/Reviews that I will be working on in the class. Leave comments on them so I can get better at writing papers.

Timeline for Research

Here is a timeline that I have created for my research for this Paper.

Revised Literature Review

Here is my revised version of my Literature Review.

Review of War of the Century

Here is my review of the film War of the Century that we watched in class. Review of War of the Century

Literature Review

Here is a Literature Review that I did on how military historians view the Great Patriotic War. Literature Review

Book Review: the Paradox of Ukrainian Lviv

Here is my review of the Paradox of Ukrainian Lviv: a Borderland City between Stalinists, Nazis, and Nationalists Book Review The Paradox of Ukrainian Lviv

Stalin’s Secret War

Here is my book review on the book, Stalin’s Secret War. Book Review Stalin’s Secret War


I read a book called Bloodlands. Here is a short paper about it. Book Review Bloodlands

Secondary Source Paper

Here is a paper that I wrote on the Article that I read for History 297. Secondary Source Paper