Hi, my name is Hunter Dykhuis and I am 22 years old. I am originally from Minnesota, but my dad is in the military and we had to move around a lot in a few years of my life. I have been all over the place except West of the Mississippi and have family all over the place as well. I am an ice hockey player that has been playing since I was 6 years old and enjoys doing that in my free time when all my school work is done. I currently work up at the Red Lobster, also enjoying my time there as well.

This site is going to be used as a historical blog post on different topics that are discussed throughout my time at the University of Mary Washington. So far I have been in a lot of different history classes here that include some such as 297, 298, and 428. I will be also using the site for feedback from classmates to see how to better myself or them on the current topics that are being discussed for class.

The Digital History 428, where I and a couple of classmates worked on a project to publish the letters of a Civil War soldier and make sure that his history is displayed correctly and it looks very good. We had been working on this all semester and have been taking in a lot of feedback to make sure that we are doing a good job on it. This was definitely been a fun project to work on considering both of the fields that I am studying in college (History and Computer Science) and putting them together to make this one big class that is enjoyable for me to sit in and listen to.

I will be including my Resume as well.